Here's Why Identity Crisis Isn't Just a Mental Issue

All the feelings in the world, and Here I Am, thinking “is this really the worst of them all??”

The anxiety and stress of not being yourself is harder than anything I Can ever imagine. Some people might have it harder than You and I, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I’m here to give you hope and reach out to you as we all struggle together.

The anxiety and stress of not being yourself is harder than anything I Can ever imagine. Some people might have it harder than You and I, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I’m here to give you hope and reach out to you as we all struggle together.

No obstacle is set higher than our capacities and if you defeat this today, tomorrow will be yours.

#1 “who am i?”

This is a question we hardly ask ourselves. We forget who we are amongst the chaos of the world. We neglect to address positively and acknowledge ourselves for who we truly are. And to discover that ‘self’ of yours, to identify it and to welcome it, is what victory really looks like. without knowing who you are, what makes you happy, and what genuinely makes you, you.You will find a space lacking. Something that’s yearning to be filled in and you will constantly give everything you can to fill it up, but only in the deepest corner of your soul will you find that missing piece. 

Your “self concept”.

 When you learn to wear yourself and face yourself, you will feel comfortable in your own skin. 

You will feel alive. You will feel real. You will breathe like it is a new day. with a new you, that was hiding all along.

Once you embrace yourself, you will be able to openly radiate all the love and kindness and reach out into the hearts of others

.#2 Why do we forget ourselves?

 Identity crisis is real.

 It takes actual time and effort to form oneself. 

We don’t always know who we are; we have to build ourselves. According to a recent survey I conducted, People usually think they lost themselves because they invest too often into the lives of others and I think it may be one reason. Being selfless for the right reasons isn’t wrong, but forgetting about yourself while doing it is the worst form of negligence. 

While others think we surrender ourselves into someone who we aren’t. Creating a blurry image of something everybody else wants us to turn into, forcing yourself into it. Which only leads to further destruction of our own embodiment. It’s okay to go through these phases and I’m sure all of us did. 

But what’s not okay is that we don’t pick ourselves back up and start again.

 #3 What advantage does starting again have?

 When you start again, You are someone different. Someone with a firm belief and courage. You trust yourself and you know who you were and who you need to be. 

The answer to “who do you want to grow into?” might change thousands of times along the path. The journey to your destination will not be pleasant but when you get there, you will feel your chest put down all the weight it’s been carrying and you’ll let out a deep breath. Loving yourself often comes with a price only YOU can pay. 

When you begin again, you are fresh, and you have a new mindset.

 Start appreciating little things in life and tell yourself that it’s okay when something bad happens. 

You are your own comfort and let nobody tell you otherwise. 

#4 How to support someone to find themselves? 

The feeling might be mutual but situations aren’t always the same. When you want to help, tell them you do not understand but will stand with them through all they have to go through. Become the shoulder they can rest their heads on when life gets heavy. Try to get them to talk slowly, they must not like to talk about it at first but prove to them you are not here to judge.

Sometimes the best way of finding yourself is helping someone do the same. When you help a person in a similar situation, you think about your situation side by side and it helps you realise things you can change. Making someone’s day, or making them smile is a little thing. But it helps you look over your flaws and feel good about yourself. 

#5 it's okay to rest.

Sometimes things wont work out and all you can do is give everything a little break. Be more Kind and Gentle. Talking to someone really close to you helps but if you're an introvert, Play that favourite song of yours and groove to the music, sit by the window or the sea and take in everything the quiet side of the world has to offer. 

Love yourself a little more those days and thank the universe for letting you reside in it. 

As Kim Namjoon once said, "true love first begins with loving yourself." 

 #6 Accepting yourself; the good & bad

“you need to have chaos in yourself to birth a dancing star.”

 If you don’t make mistakes and don’t amend them how will you properly use experiences?

 Experiences are formed alongside these minor and significant mistakes we make in life, it’s not about making mistakes and forgetting them. It’s about rectifying it and being better people. That simply makes us human.  

The human being has a tendency of making mistakes, giving in to desires and falling into traps; thinking you can not be forgiven and the mistakes you made are the worst than anyone could ever make.

 Ask yourself: What are you afraid of? Fear lives in our hearts, and it’s healthy to be afraid but when it eats you up from the inside, you can lose your soul, your heart. 

Ask yourself what is it that makes you happy? And do that. It may take some time to heal and spring back up. Or even find that one thing that truly makes you happy. But nothing is ever impossible or unachievable.

Find power in the things that make you, You

You decide YOU. 

Written by Amtul Hajra

A dedicated Khadoum volunteer

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