Understanding your Hidden Psychology

Life is a Planet. This is how I will define the interchangeable traits and events that identify whom we are today. 

Our personalities are made of complex traits that form our characteristics and personality nature. This in  return contributes to our genetic creation and hereditary aspects in how we were created. 

As we are all unique, it’s important to understand that any person we have met has gone through an  extensive series of events since they were in their mothers’ wombs, and this is how they are who they  are now. 

As people, we often do not understand why some others behave in certain ways, whether they behave positively or negatively, a human’s behavior is a product of different traits and life events. 

We need to understand that we can always learn to become better people. Some might think that it is  difficult to change a specific trait because this is how they were created, like introverts for example.  However, reality is, the more we practice building a specific habit, the easier we could embrace new traits that form our personalities. 

Negative behavior that arises later in a person’s nature, is a result of different circumstances and life events a person had gone through. Truth is that all of us were created with a positive soul and we all behaved like newborns once, but as we grow older, we are influenced by external circumstances that shaped who we are. 

“What does not kill me, makes me stronger”, in regards to this saying, a lot of people suffer from low  self-esteem for instance, and they believe that they were created with a weak self-esteem and this is  how they start behaving and not the contrary. 

In our life’s journey, we need to understand the hidden psychology of why we behave in certain ways.  

People who express negative or extreme behavior and believe that they were born with it  are not  aware that this is not their true selves and they will need to dig deeper in their lives to understand what had happened in their childhood that formed their current being. 

Our hidden psychology is a critical aspect in our success. 

Fear, low self-confidence, aggressiveness, and other psychological behaviors such as anxiety are all a  product of external factors and not internal or hereditary factors. 

Mental illness or dysfunctions are critical and require instant and constant care. While some might feel that seeking professional help is shameful but the truth is that it is  exactly like seeing a doctor for any other pain. 

It’s important to love yourself and to understand the triggers that have formed your current sufferings. Seeking a therapist is the road to freedom. To free yourself from all this hidden pain is the first step to achieving peace & serenity.

Remember, we are all human beings and we have faced different life events and traumas that have  shaped who we are today. We have all suffered one way or another from external  circumstances that were meant to make us stronger. 

At the end, never be ashamed of who you are and accept yourself happily.  

Our personalities could always change to the better, but only if we have decided to.

Written by Isra Bafarat

A dedicated Khadoum volunteer

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