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Explore thousands of volunteer missions, community challenges and acts of kindness, Unleash the Khadoum in you and help make the world a better place.

Connect with good doers from the region and reach out to other passionate volunteers. Discover who's near and dear and who's far but just as passionate and dedicated to doing good as you are. 

Inspire other members of the Khadoum community with your innovative community solutions and publish photos and videos of your volunteer missions.

Document your volunteer journey with photos and videos and keep track of every single act of kindness that you have accomplished through Khadoum app.



Exciting awards awaits you! Redeem discount coupons or win valuable gifts by exchanging your Khadoum points. 



Get a Certificate

Complete 25+ Khadoum points and request for your volunteer certificate verified from Khadoum and Oyoon Jeddah charity organization. 



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Transition your giving power and become the source of spreading good deeds across. Share a creative and innovative volunteer idea or an act of kindness that you would like to see more people preforming in your community and we will have it published with your name through Khadoum app.

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